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Probiotics from plants.

As time passes, the demonstrated benefits of probiotics continue to expand beyond gastrointestinal and immune health. For the past two decades, researchers have been uncovering new mechanisms through which probiotics can support skin health, oral health, women’s health, as well as weight management and metabolic health. It is this last health target where probiotics have potential to significantly reverse a decades-long trend which shows no end in sight—expanding waistlines and increasingly poor metabolic health.

Uncovering Ancient Strains

Led by a Kenyan medical researcher, the scientific team that discovered the SlimBiotics probiotic strains in fermented Kimere porridge, uncovered unique microbes that had likely been present in the diet of indigenous people of the Mt. Kenya region for millennia. Realizing that Kimere’s strains may possess unique bioactivity and human health benefits, patents were filed and a range of studies commenced.

  • In Vitro Studies

    Kimere contains high concentrations of living microorganisms, mostly strains of Limosilactobacillus fermentum, as well as Lactiplantibacillus plantarum. After further analysis, several of these strains were shown to exhibit strong anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties, as well as resistance to acid and bile using in vitro models.3,4,5,6 Our promising strains were then selected by the medical research team for inclusion in the final SlimBiotics probiotic formulation.

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    • Anti-Inflammatory Effect
    • Strengthening of the Adaptive Immune Response
    • Strengthening of the Innate Immune Response
    • Gut Barrier Protection
    • Robust Survival in Acid and Bile
  • Human Clinical Research

    In a recent, defining clinical study performed on the SlimBiotics formula by researchers in Germany7, it was found that adult overweight subjects consuming the Slimbiotics formula had significant improvement versus the placebo group in key weight, body shape and metabolic outcomes.

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    • Body Weight
    • Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • Body Fat Mass
    • Waist-to-height Ratio
    • Visceral Adipose Tissue
    • Liver Steatosis Grade
    • Waist Circumference

Collectively, these findings demonstrate that SlimBiotics is the first plant-based probiotic formulation clinically-proven to support healthy weight management, enhance body composition and improve metabolic health metrics.

Further clinical studies investigating the weight and metabolic health benefits of the SlimBiotics formula are currently underway and will be published in 2023.

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MicrobotanixTM | Let Plants Be Thy Medicine

MicrobotanixTM is our proprietary platform for the discovery and commercialization of beneficial microorganisms and micronutrients derived from indigenous plant-based food sources. The SlimBiotics strain portfolio is only the beginning of our work in this exciting new area.

Historically, commercial probiotic organisms have been isolated from human or mammalian microbiota. Knowing there are copious amounts of beneficial microbes and nutrients in plants and traditional food substances, many resulting from fermentation, we seek to locate and describe a new category of bioactive ingredients.

Using the MicrobotanixTM discovery platform, we will uncover the true origins of these health-promoting nutrients using today’s technologies. We will isolate, fully characterize and clinically-demonstrate the health benefits of novel biotic strains and phytonutrients, and make them available to leading brands and their consumers across the world.