SlimBiotics team.

SlimBiotics GmbH was founded in 2018 by Austrian entrepreneurs Helmut Essl and Alexander Schütz with the goal of developing plant-derived, clinically-backed biotics and making them available to consumers aiming to maintain a healthy weight, improve body shape and support overall metabolic wellbeing.

Juan Victor Wang Xu is the CEO of SlimBiotics GmbH and is responsible for stewarding the global growth of the brand.

In North America, SlimBiotics Inc., a subsidiary, is led by Co-CEOs Brian Peeters and Gregory Bonfilio, veterans of the biotics industry. The two excel at introducing unique branded ingredients to the dietary supplement industry and have extensive experience building commercial sales across various market channels.

The launch of the SlimBiotics formula represents a new class of biotic offerings originating from plants, allowing Mother Nature to reveal her secrets through novel microbe and micronutrients that have the potential to vastly improve overall human health.

  • Helmut Essl

    CEO, Founder and Partner bio
  • Alex Schütz

    Founder and Partner bio
  • Juan Victor Wang Xu

    CEO, SlimBiotics GmbH bio
  • Gregory Bonfilio

    Co-CEO, SlimBiotics Inc. bio
  • Brian Peeters

    Co-CEO, SlimBiotics Inc. bio
  • Christian Angermayer

    Partner bio
  • Jurgen Schrezenmeir

    Scientific and Medical Advisor bio
  • Fabiana Spitz