A novel approach to...

Weight management through

ancient strains.

SlimBiotics is the world’s first plant-based probiotic solution for weight management, originating from Kimere, an indigenous fermented cereal consumed daily for generations by families in the Mt. Kenya region of East Africa.

SlimBiotics GmbH was founded in 2018 to bring Kimere’s health-enhancing probiotic strains to global consumers looking to improve their metabolic health and to better control their weight through the use of probiotic dietary supplements isolated from native botanical sources.

The launch of the SlimBiotics formula represents a new class of biotic offerings originating from plants, allowing Mother Nature to reveal her secrets through novel microbes and micronutrients that have the potential to vastly improve overall human health.

The Inflection point

Increased Waistlines + Costs = Decreased Longevity and Poorer Quality of Life

Humanity is at an inflection point in the worsening global obesity crisis. Unhealthy diets and overeating are having devastating effects on our worldwide community. Currently, only 1-in-8 Americans is achieving optimal metabolic health, and the rate of obesity around the world has tripled since 1975.1-2 If we don’t take practical action immediately, we will be overwhelmed by impossible healthcare costs and capacity limitations within medical care, not to mention a dramatic decrease in both global quality of life and human lifespan.


Then ... "Take Your Vitamins"

The use of dietary supplements has been part of many people’s daily health regimens for decades. Typically, these supplements are included in the diet to ensure a sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients that one needs to maintain overall good health. Those seeking help to lose weight have consistently turned to dietary supplements over the years, though in many cases promises of weight loss—of finding that ‘magic pill’—have led to unnecessary expense and repeated disappointments.


Now ... "Take Your Plant-Based Probiotics"

We are lucky to be living in an era where modern science is unlocking new tools which can be used to take back our health, look and feel great, and increase wellness-based longevity.

Today, many supplements targeting weight loss include botanical extracts,fibers and various types of proteins. More recently, we have seen an influx of probiotic- based supplements targeting improved metabolic health and weight control. Of note, however, is that all of the commercially-available probiotic strains on the market today addressing metabolic health concerns and weight management were originally isolated from the human gut.

Probiotic science has largely ignored native strains found in traditional fermented food sources and, instead, isolated and characterized strains discovered in the human microbiome.

Marketplace Synergy

At the Intersection of Three Massive Health Trends

Increasingly, consumers are searching for plant-based supplements to address a variety of health concerns, and the majority of consumers are already familiar with probiotic supplements. By incorporating SlimBiotics into your brand, consumers will find a safe and familiar product that is scientifically documented to lower weight, enhance body composition and improve metabolic health metrics.

SlimBiotics is the first dietary supplement to capture these three key categories in a single patented formulation.

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