Today, more than

2 billion children,
adolescents and adults

overweight or obese.

global obesity prediction map

Global Market Drivers

For decades, the world has been undergoing a significant transformation—but not in a good way—when it comes to health. Changes to our diets, lifestyles and daily work have created global citizens with growing metabolic health concerns, namely overweight and obesity.

Some examples of global market drivers of obesity are:
  • Rising intake of high-caloric junk foods and sugary beverages
  • Elimination of physical education programs in schools due to budgetary constraints
  • The unrelenting growth of the global fast-food industry
  • Reduction in the level of physical activity due to advancing technologies and growing conveniences offered by the modern age.

SlimBiotics is positioned to counter the effects of these global market drivers and represents the genesis of a new category of plant-based probiotics which target metabolic health and support healthy weight management, naturally and effectively.

Growing rates of obesity around the world are driving a decrease in life expectancy, among other negative health effects, but this trend has especially accelerated in the U.S.

In American older adults, obesity is a leading cause of preventable disease and early death, with obesity rates almost doubling from 1988 to 2018, increasing from 22% to 40%.8

One way in which obesity may be lowering life expectancy gains is by accelerating biological aging, notable among female adults in the U.S.. It should come as no surprise that biological aging occurs at least two years faster for nonsmoking adults with obesity, leading to earlier onset of disability, chronic disease and death.8

In American children, the obesity crisis continues to grow, as more than 21% of children between the ages of two and 17 years old are obese. It has been shown that children who are obese are more likely to remain overweight for the remainder of their lives, often leading to other chronic health issues.9

Regular and daily consumption of SlimBiotics may help to support a healthy metabolic response in adults, as well as in children.

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